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Being an Activity Coordinator can be lonely even when you are a part of a large team. We know, we've been there. Planning activities can be fun and it's even better when you can share your highs and lows with others that know exactly how you feel. That's why we created the Care Home Activities Team - a resource hub and online community of friendly Activity Coordinators and Lifestyle Managers. We're here to offer all the support, expertise and inspiration you need to reach 'outstanding' success with your activities. You need never feel alone again.

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What's included in my membership?

  • Monthly Activities

    Each monthly section is packed with ideas for activities. There is also a .pdf with special diary dates and useful websites.

  • Downloads

    You get activity sheets for residents and posters to help you to attract attention and involve others in your planned activities.

  • Access

    Your membership includes full access to our library of courses aimed at the care home Activity Coordinator.

What people say about Bright Copper Kettles CIC

  • Musical Moments

    @BCKuk is a must for any care activity coordinator out there.

  • Shedfield Lodge

    We would recommend @BCKuk to any care home/activity coordinator if you're scratching your head for ideas/inspiration or if, like us, you just want to add to what you are already doing.

  • Myography UK

    Bright Copper Kettles - fantastic information for care activity coordinators...

  • Lady Tracey Cole

    Great for activity ideas and planning events all year.. Highly recommended.

  • Emma Swales

    What a great support for activity supporters and instructors thank you

Course Instructor

Founder of Bright Copper Kettles CIC

Caroline J Benham

Caroline has past experience as an activity coordinator in both the corporate world and in the private care home sector. She is a qualified dementia care trainer and has enjoyed delivering related care home training courses to a wide variety of customers.

Membership Includes

How to plan care home activities - short, online course

This course is designed for the Activity Coordinator (or person in a similar role)

Encouraging them to look at how your care home is currently working and discover how meaningful activities can be best supported within your care home setting.