Have you just landed a new job in activities?

This course will get you started on the right track straight away.

Whether you are completely new to the role of Activity Coordinator or Lifestyle Manager, or you have just moved to a new setting this is a great course for you.  

We will show you how to organise your day and plan your week, making the most of what your care home has to offer. 

When you have completed this course you will know how to plan seasonal activities for the months ahead and how to showcase them.

Course curriculum

How to plan Care Home Activities

  • 1


    • Welcome to the course

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    What is your role?

    • How do you feel about your job role? Part 1

    • How do you feel about your job role? part 2

    • How do you feel about your job role? Part 3

  • 3

    How to organise your day

    • What does your typical day look like?

    • Daily Routine - download

    • Meal times

    • Working as part of a team

    • Working around Snack Times

  • 4

    How to plan your week

    • What does your typical week look like?

    • Your working hours

    • Weekly Schedule Planner

    • Planning the days

    • Daily Planner

    • Regular Entertainers and Therapists

    • Activities Week Blank A4 - space

    • Activities Week Blank A4 - lines

  • 5

    Adding value to your current activities

    • Activities for individuals

    • My Activities Record

    • How to change everyday activities into something special

    • Birthdays & Anniversaries

    • Birthdays and other Celebrations Calendar

    • Using the seasons and calendar months

    • Planning your themes.

    • Activity Planner Checklist

    • BCK Monthly Goal Tracker A4

    • Your key task for this section

    • Main Events Schedule - download

    • Event Planning Checklist

    • How to use your activities and events for great PR

    • Evidence based records

    • Photograph Consent Form PDF

    • Get support from others

    • Celebrating CQC Good or Outstanding in your care home

    • Celebrating GOOD We're all stars here!

    • Celebrating OUTSTANDING We're all stars here!

    • Wellbeing & Mindfulness

    • Mindfulness & Gratitude Board Images

  • 6

    Activities for Everyday

    • Ideas for the week

    • Activities for Everyday - pdf

    • Motivational Monday - Wishing Well

    • Tuneful Tuesday - Musical Theatre

    • Where on Wednesday - French themed activities

    • Where on Wednesday - A Little FRENCH test

    • Where on Wednesday - French City List

    • Throwback Thursday - Reminiscence

    • Throwback Thursday - Conversation Starters

    • Fish on Fridays - Fish & Chip Supper

    • Fish on Fridays - A4 Fish & Chips Supper Posters

    • Sporty Saturday - Skittles or Bowls

    • Social Sunday - Knitting Club

    • Social Sunday - Wool Crafts

  • 7

    Out the Window Bingo

    • Top Tips

    • Out the window bingo - download

  • 8

    More resources for you

    • Blogs from our archives

    • Even more resources for you from Bright Copper Kettles CIC

    • Before you go...

Course Instructor

Founder of Bright Copper Kettles CIC

Caroline J Benham

Caroline has past experience as an activity coordinator in both the corporate world and in the private care home sector. She is a qualified dementia care trainer and has enjoyed delivering related care home training courses to a wide variety of customers.

What people say about Bright Copper Kettles CIC

  • Musical Moments

    @BCKuk is a must for any care activity coordinator out there.

  • Shedfield Lodge

    We would recommend @BCKuk to any care home/activity coordinator if you're scratching your head for ideas/inspiration or if, like us, you just want to add to what you are already doing.

  • Myography UK

    Bright Copper Kettles - fantastic information for care activity coordinators...

  • Lady Tracey Cole

    Great for activity ideas and planning events all year.. Highly recommended.

  • Emma Swales

    What a great support for activity supporters and instructors thank you

What people are saying about this course.

We've had some fantastic feedback about this course following our trials. Our course is tried and tested by activity coordinators like you. We've been blown away by the positive feedback we've received.

  • Sheena

    It was very informative and full of useful ideas for every day activities. It also shows that even a cup of tea and a natter is an activity and has a lot of benefits. I often find my manager telling me that our wee residents don't have to be swinging from the light shades every day although a lot of carers and family members think this is should be the case! Some of my wee friends are 96 years old! And this results in a lot of anxiety and stress for me. I do a lot of work at home, though not as much as I 'think' I should be doing, As time in work goes by so fast, and again, carers see paperwork and laptop or craft prep as time wasting. They should see my living room some evenings! So my manager is right, like you have stated in part of the course, that time management is important and it's good for others who may be stressing like I do to see that they are not alone and it's okay to do their prep work at work! Although I must admit, I do enjoy covering my home in glitter.

  • Kim

    I love this course as it gives me more focus as I am totally new to this job and it gives me ideas too. I love the PDF's they are clear and concise.....the whole course is.

  • Kerry

    All done thank you so much for that. Loved the download sheets, these will definitely help to plan our time more efficiently. Particularly like the ideas under the section, change everyday activities into something special. We have a cooked breakfast on a Wednesday, also have a breakfast club every third Saturday . Love the idea of fish and chips, we are hoping to be able to get a mobile van to come in to us. Could I ask where you access the free online calendar as I was able to see this? The course was very clear and straightforward and definitely beneficial to myself being a beginner. Thank you again. Kerry

  • Jules

    I feel confident to arrange and plan events and occasions for our residents

  • Marcelina

    Very Good. Gives useful detailed guidelines how to plan activities during a day. Rated 5 out of 5